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 The renovation of the Matarazzo Residence has been wisely conducted with the aim of restoring the house to its original design, as it was at the beginning of 19th century, when it belonged to Vincenzo Matarazzo.

​The current owners have taken great care of the home, maintaining and preserving its beauty. They are the descendants of Donna Clementina Matarazzo, Ludovico's daughter and Vincenzo's granddaughter; the family name was given to the piazza in front of the residence, which once was the Matarazzo private garden.

 The restoration project has been conducted by the architect Flavia Scanzani, with the aim of restoring and keeping the original structure intact.

​The big central living-room salon, along with the dining room with fireplace, is surrounded by four bedrooms, typical of the houses of the Italian nobility. Local materials such as Neapolitan terracotta tiles, and ceramics from the Sorrento Coast, are used with subtle refinement. The gesso-vaulted ceilings, expertly crafted by local artisans, adds to the elegance of the ambiance; the antique furniture and the blown glass chandeliers help recreate the atmosphere of an earlier era. The authentic sofa dated 1800 has been restored according to Clementina's will.


The Renovation of the House

Blueprint of The House
Blueprint of the Loft Apartments
Blueprint of the Blue Loft
Blueprint of the Red Loft
Blueprint of the Yellow Loft
Blueprint of the Green Loft

The Renovation of the Attics

The most recent restoration-work has been done on the attics, located above the main floor, and already used as apartments, now converted to warm and welcoming loft apartments. In this renovation the architect has applied a style more suitable to an attic room, exposing the stone of the original load-bearing walls.

The wooden ceiling has been restored to reflect the warping of the old roof, fitted with solid-wood shelves supported by heavy chestnut beams.

Great care has been taken in the restoration of the spaces, which are decorated with simple but elegant furniture. White drapes separate the living area from the sleeping area, retaining the open feel of the space.​

Light fittings in copper and ceramic are supplied power from the porcelain insulator, as allowed by the wooden roof structure.

The finishing touches are inspired by the stories told by Clementina, which go back to the beginning of the 20th century, when she arrived from Brazil as a babe-in-arms.  She lived in this house for many years and it was here that she gave birth to her first daughter, Elvira, who is the promoter of the entire renovation project.


Architetto Flavia Scanzani

via Brennero 47b - 00141 Roma |


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